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PESHAWAR, May 20: The FATA Development Authority has sought applications from interested youth for four different fields of the Skill Development Programme.

The FATA Development Authority is a government department, run by funds from international non-government organisations, and works for development of the tribal areas in northwestern Pakistan.

In a statement, the Authority has asked candidates from Frontier Regions and FATA to submit applications with the concerned coordination officers by June 16, for six month training in the fields of quantity surveyor, civil surveyor, building electrician and machinery operator.

The selected candidate will be imparted training in just one field for six months, including theoretical and practical work. The Authority will provide facilities of boarding and lodging to the trainees, in addition to monthly stipends.

Previously, the Skill Development Programme used to train 1,700 people. The incumbent Governor, Mr Sardar Mehtab, has raised the number of training participants to 10,000 now.

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