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SWAT/ BATAGRAM, May 27: Three people died in a collision between two vehicles in Battagram district while a truck fell into the river, leaving 16 people dead in Swat district.

The Swat police say two families were travelling from Punjab province to Kalam valley in Swat in a truck when the driver lost control over the steering and the truck fell into the River Swat. Ten children, five women, and a man were reportedly killed. Seven people were rescued and shifted to a hospital in Kalam.

The police say rescue teams are trying to recover the bodies of those who have drowned.

In separate incident in in Batagram, three people from the same family, including a woman, died in a road accident.

TNN correspondent says the family was travelling from Battagram to Kiagali area when their car collided with a truck. Two brothers Mr Zeshan and Mr Adnan and their niece died in the incident.

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