PESHAWAR, September 29: The police have arrested about 31 suspects and also recovered arms during a search operation in the surroundings of the Bacha Khan International Airport after firing on a plane.

The suspects were arrested from Badaber and other adjacent areas where some unidentified gunmen fired shots on a Pakistan International Airlines plane two days ago; no human loss was reported in the incident.

Local residents did not confirm the incident till now. It was the second incident of firing on a plane landing at the airport in Peshawar.

On 24 June, unidentified armed assailants opened fire on the PIA plane, killing a woman passenger and injuring two crewmembers. After the incident, several international airlines suspended their operations at the airport.

Local residents say that police have decided to take help from the local elders and also to recruit local young men in the police department in order to boost security of the airport and its surroundings.

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