4-month-old bear 'missing' from Peshawar zoo

PESHAWAR: A four-month-old bear is ‘missing’ from Peshawar Zoo since Wednesday, said deputy director of the Zoo Niamat Ullah to Media on Thursday.

He expressed that there are chances that the bear is ‘missing’ inside the zoo otherwise people would have informed the zoo administration. Deputy Director Zoo, Niamat Ullah informed that they have made different points inside and all the zoo staff is searching together and expressed the hope that they will find the bear tonight.

Niamat asked the people that there is nothing to fear about as a four-month-old bear cannot hurt anyone. The official said that the bear is lost during the change of shift and they were conducting an investigation to identify all those responsible.

“We have started internal inquiry to identify all those responsible for the loss of four-month-old bear,” the deputy director told media. He added that when the inquiry is completed and responsible persons are identified, the findings will be shared with the media.

Peshawar Zoo is like a death cell for animals as, last year, the investigation committee formed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to probe the back-to-back deaths of animals at the zoo, had revealed that so far more than 34 animals have died at the Peshawar zoo since it was inaugurated.

KP govt provides compensation for death or injury due to attack by wild carnivore

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Provincial Cabinet) has approved that “Attack by Wild Carnivores” will now be included in Provincial Compensation Policy at the rate of Rs. 300,000/- for loss of life and Rs.100, 000-for grievous injury.

Under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Disaster Management Authority Relief Compensation Regulations 2019, the “Attack by Wild Carnivore” means an attack by a Wild Carnivore animal on a human being.

A number of incidents of attack of wild animals have been reported in hilly areas of the country especially Hazara division