PESHAWAR, October 30: The Pakistan Society of Neurology says that about 400 people die of paralysis every day in Pakistan.

According to a report of the organisation, about 33% population of Pakistan is over age of 45 years and most of them are either suffering from blood pressure, diabetes or they are smokers. The report says activities like smoking leads to paralysis later.

Dr Muhammad Wasay, head of the organisation, says the major cause of deaths in Pakistan is heart attack, and paralysis ranks second in this respect.

He added that the blood coagulates in the veins that causes stress on the veins, resulting in the numbness of the body.

Doctors say weakness in hands and legs, difficulty talking, eyesight problem and faintness are the initial stages of paralysis. They say those people who have least exertion or who use oily food in their routine life are prone to the disease.

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