tribesmen arrested

JAMRUD, August 23: The political administration of Khyber Agency had arrested 45 tribesmen under the Collective Responsibility Act of the Frontier Crimes Regulation because of frequent crimes in Jamrud tehsil.

The FCR, which stands for Frontier Crimes Regulation, consists of a special set of laws applicable to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in northwestern Pakistan. The Collective Responsibility clause allows the tribal authorities to punish a whole tribe as a result of the behaviour or crime of one or more other individuals.

The Political Tehsildar of Jamrud, Mr Irshad Khan Safi, said that during last several days, a number of militant attacks took place on NATO containers, oil tankers and passenger vans in the area.

He said they have arrested tribesmen of Torkhel, Sher Khankhel and Meenakhel tribes.

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