In a distressing incident in Nowshera, five Afghan children were reportedly abducted over an alleged money dispute. Ajmal Khan, the son of Aminullah, an Afghan citizen residing in Amirabad, Akora Khattak, lodged a complaint with the police, stating that his two sons, Mansoor and Amir, along with nephews Abdullah, Salman, and Mussawir (sons of Riaz Khan), left for their madrassa.

However, upon reaching Jehanzeb grocery store, they were forcibly taken by Amir Qabil, Umir Daraz (sons of Shabas Khan), and Waqar Ahmed and Qadir (sons of Amir Qabil) in a motor car.

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Ajmal Khan explained that the abduction was rooted in a dispute over three lakh rupees. The Akora Khattak police promptly registered a case, while efforts to apprehend the accused are underway. The alleged perpetrators managed to escape, prompting the police to form a dedicated team to track them down.