police in khyber arrested an accused on charges of killing two common leopard cubs

Khyber district police has arrested an accused after recovering bodies of two dead cubs of common leopard from his possession.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wildlife and Forestry department in a statement said that cubs were killed by some unknown persons in remote Tirah area of the district on February 15. It said that initially location of cubs killing was not known; however, after investigation, wildlife staff located the scene in the Adamkhel area of Tirah.

On Thursday, local staff raided the area and recovered bodies of killed cubs from Tirah Adamkhel and arrested an accused identified as Sabit. The accused has been detained at Tirah police station due to unavailability of wildlife office in the locality and he will be brought to the Khyber wildlife division.

In addition to this, the department said that necessary action under the provision of KP Wildlife and Biodiversity Act 2015 will be initiated against the accused.

On the other hand, the accused said that common leopard cubs had ventured into the population and also attacked his cattle.

He said that he killed them fearing that they might as well end up attacking humans.

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