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PESHAWAR, April 27: The Election Commission of Afghanistan has announced to hold re-polling for two major candidates of the presidential poll.
The election commission says that none of the candidates had garnered 50 percent votes in the elections held on 5 April.
On 26 April, Afghan Election Commission Chairman Ahmed Nooristani told a news conference that former foreign minister Mr Abdullah Abdullah was leading with 44.5 percent votes, while World Bank ex-economist Mr Ashraf Ghani was runner-up with 31.5 percent votes.

He added the re-polling would be held between Mr Abdullah Abdullah and Mr Ashraf Gani on June 7.
According to the Afghan constitution, a candidate must get 50 percent of the total votes to become president of the country.

The balloting in Afghanistan’s first democratic transfer of power will choose a successor to outgoing President Hamid Karzai. The eventual winner will have to oversee the war against a resilient Taliban insurgency as the US-led troops depart this year, and to strengthen an economy that is dependent on declining aid money.

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