Amir Muqam son released on Bail
Amir Muqam son released on Bail

PESHAWAR: An anti-corruption court on Tuesday granted bail to Amir Muqam’s son, who was arrested for alleged corruption in Alpuri – Besham Road. Immediately, after the court order, Ishtiaq Amir Muqam was released from jail.

The case was heard by Syed Kamal Hussain Shah, Special Judge, Anti Corruption court at Peshawar. The accused was represented by senior lawyer, Muhibullah Kakakhel, who argued in the court that the project is ongoing and the fund is yet to be paid by the government.  Hence, the lawyer argued, there is no embezzlement or corruption in the road project.

Ishtiaq Ameer Maqam, another contract Muhammad Ali, resident Engineers Muhammad Ayaz and Muhammad Arshad was arrested by the Federal investigation agency in charges embezzlement of funds in the construction of Alpuri-Bisham road. There were also allegations of delay in the project construction.

The lawyer further argued that the case is politically motivated at the instance of Minister Communication and Works Murad Saeed against Son of PMLN provincial leader, Ameer Maqam and other constructors and there is no evidence available with the NAB against the accused.

The lawyer stated that it is a simple civil case of contractual obligation as a dispute resolution clause has also been inserted in the agreement. He added that when there are differences between parties, it should go to arbitration. Moreover, in the record, it has been stated that work has been done satisfactory but there is some criminal negligence involved but even then some section of criminal offence were inserted, said the lawyer.

Furthermore, Kakakhel argued, due to floods in Malakand division delay has occurred in the project completion for which a specific clause has been mentioned in the country and government is bound to reimburse the amount incurred due to natural disasters.

After hearing the arguments, the judge has granted bail to all the accused including Ishtiaq Amir Muqam.