Another doctor abducted in Bajaur

BAJAUR: After Dr Noor Hanan and Dr Abid Rehman who were kidnapped by unknown men from South Waziristan, another doctor has been abducted from tribal district of Bajaur.

According to sources, unknown persons abducted Dr Jabar Khan from his clinic at 6 pm on Thursday in Halal Khel Charming area of ​​Nawagai Tehsil.

Dr Jabar Khan’s duty is in BHU Halal Khel Charming and also resides there. Dr Jabar Khan was a UC focal person in the polio program and a technician at BHU in Halal Khel. No one has claimed responsibility for the incident yet. This was the kidnapped for the third doctor in the tribal district.

Before this Dr Noor Hanan was abducted on September 11 by 5 armed masked men from TB Hospital Wana. Security forces have yet to recover him when another doctor from South Waziristan, Dr Abid Rehman, was kidnapped by unknown persons. According to the administration, Abid Rehman was employed at the NGO while more information about the incident was being obtained.

Protesters ask to transfer govt offices to Wana

WANA: A Protest demonstration held Wana, South Waziristan demanding the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to move government offices to Wana from Tank district and open closed government schools.

A large number of tribal people participated in the protest to press the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for their demands. The protests took place in Wana today, where protesters have asked the government to move all the government offices from the tank to Wana to facilitate the tribal people to get easy access to government offices. They said that it is time-consuming as well as they have to spend a lot of money to reach to their own district officer in Tank.

Demonstrators demanded that all the closed government schools in the area should be open for the sake of children’s future.

The KP government has already issued a notification to all the tribal districts office working in the settled districts to shift their offices to tribal districts within three months time.