Rifaqatullah Razarwal

Charsadda: The Shabqadar Police have successfully apprehended the suspect believed to be responsible for the tragic murder of a 13-year-old married girl. Startlingly, the police investigation has revealed that the victim’s own husband is implicated in the heart-wrenching crime and has been taken into custody.

Mohammad Shaukat, the SHO of Sarva police station, informed TNN that the police received two separate reports related to this distressing incident. In the initial report, the apprehended suspect, Nasir, hailing from the Rashakai area, informed the police on July 7 that his wife had gone missing from their residence at night. Acting promptly, the police registered a case under Section 365 (kidnapping) and initiated a thorough investigation.

Muhammad Shaukat further elaborated that after eleven days after initiating the case, the lifeless body of Samira was discovered in the Kabul River, her hands and feet brutally bound. Following the post-mortem examination, her remains were entrusted to her grieving brother, Siraj Sukna Yaka Ghand. Yet, in a shocking twist, Siraj asserted that his sister had fallen victim to her own husband’s heinous act.

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An official press release from the Charsadda District Spokesman’s office confirms that Nasir, the spouse of the deceased, was apprehended in connection with the tragic incident. During the investigation, Nasir admitted to a pre-marital interaction with Samira via mobile phone.

He divulged that he had lured her to his home and married her after initially driving her away. However, he confessed that his feelings had changed merely three days into the marriage. Subsequently, he administered a potent narcotic substance to Samira, immobilized her, and ultimately discarded her lifeless body into the Kabul River.

SHO Shaukat shed light on the perplexing situation, stating, “Nasir was already betrothed, yet he pursued a relationship with the young girl to the extent of marrying her.”

Local law enforcement confirmed the registration of a case against the accused under sections 302 (murder) and 365 (kidnapping) based on a complaint filed by the victim’s grieving brother, Siraj. Additionally, a Kalashnikov firearm was seized from the possession of the accused, leading to a separate legal proceeding.

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