Government Girls Higher Secondary School Kotka Mir Pao Jan, situated in the Mambati Barakzai area of Meeryan Tehsil in Bannu District, fell victim to a destructive incident as unknown perpetrators set it ablaze during the night. The assailants targeted the science room, burning all lab equipment, and looted solar plants and multiple pressure pump machines.

A message left by unidentified individuals at the school’s main gate ordered its closure, accompanied by severe threats of dire consequences if the school dared to reopen.

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District Police Officer Bannu, Iftikhar Khan, along with other senior officers, visited the school to assess the extent of the damage.

The presence of threatening messages heightened fear and panic among the schoolgirls. Police, in response, collected fingerprints from the school premises. DPO Iftikhar Khan assured that investigations are underway, and an official statement will be released soon.

Salim-ur-Rehman, the former district administrator and owner of the school building reported a staggering loss of over 5 million rupees in burnt equipment.