PESHAWAR: With the cooperation of Pakistan Army, Chal Foundation has provided artificial limbs to 22 persons who lost their limbs in landmine explosions in tribal districts.

Those who received artificial limbs from Chal Foundation include Habibullah, Muhammad Ilyas, Noor Aslam, Umar Farooq, Ashma, Khan Muhammad, Zubair Khan, Qaddafi, Abdur Rehman, Zulekha, Sard Noor, Ajmal Khan, Muhammad Hashim, Saeedullah, Syed Muhammad, Balsha Naza, Aamir Khan, Muhammad Wali, Malook Khan, Bakht Mir, Naib and Saqeebur Rehman. The beneficiaries belong to North Waziristan, South Waziristan and Kurram tribal districts.

Chal Foundation with the cooperation of the Pakistan Army will also provide free of cost medical treatment to affected people in other tribal districts. The affected people will also be provided residence, training and two helpers by the Foundation.

The security forces conducted several operations during the last few years in tribal districts in which most of the militants were driven out. However, the militants while fleeing planted many landmines in tribal districts which often trap innocent civilian people. Several security forces personnel and civilians have lost their lives and sustained injuries in landmine blasts in different parts of tribal districts during the last few years.

Currently, about a hundred teams of the Pakistan Army have been deployed in tribal districts to clear landmines. These teams have removed landmines from many areas, but such landmines still exist in some areas which trap people.

Chal Foundation is a non-profit organisation to serve physically challenged people of Pakistan. The Foundation provides missing limbs with prosthetics, provides orthotics from skeletal deformities and spinar cord to those injured with mobility aides like wheelchairs and crutches.

Karak firing incident

A schoolteacher in a government school in Karak opened aerial fire on Wednesday after an argument with the school principal.

Local sources said an argument happened between the principal and schoolteacher at Sentential Model School in Karak after which the teacher opened fire during the morning assembly. The aerial firing triggered a stampede like situation in the school as the students started running in panic.

The school administration sent the students home due to the tense situation after which the police arrived at the school. The schoolteacher who restored to firing fled the scene.

Sources said the principal and teacher had also exchanged hot words a day earlier.