Ghulam Akbar Marwat

In a tragic incident, one worker lost his life, and another sustained injuries when unknown assailants opened fire on a coach carrying coal miners returning from their arduous labor in Lakki Marwat. The horrifying incident unfolded as the workers’ vehicle made its way from Mianwali to Lakki Marwat. Upon entering the district, armed robbers intercepted the vehicle, signaling the driver to halt just a few kilometers away.

When the coach driver accelerated, attempting to evade the attackers, shots rang out from behind. The assailants’ gunfire shattered the coach’s windows and inflicted severe injuries on a laborer named Sanaullah Khan, while another colleague sustained minor injuries. Despite efforts to rush Sanaullah to the hospital, tragically, he succumbed to his wounds.

Sanaullah Khan hailed from a nearby village, and news of the incident quickly spread through the community. Dozens of armed individuals from the village rallied together, pursuing the robbers who took advantage of the cover of night to escape. The public managed to seize two motorcycles abandoned by the criminals. Locals suspect the robbers are hiding in Qabool Khel village and are urging the police to conduct a thorough door-to-door search operation to bring them to justice.

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Pir Sadar Hanif, a resident of the deceased laborer’s village, confirmed ongoing protests in the area. The community has encircled Qabool Khel village, where they believe the bandits are hiding. Residents have even enlisted the assistance of sniffer dogs in their efforts and have placed the victim’s body on a narrow road as part of their protest.

Protesters have obstructed all vehicles heading to the Pakistan Atomic Energy Project in Qabool Khel. They expressed their frustration over the incident, which occurred at 9:30 PM the previous night, and voiced their discontent with the police’s perceived lack of action.

A police spokesperson, when contacted, reported that an official report had been filed against the unidentified assailants and assured that efforts to apprehend the culprits were underway.

It’s worth noting that many young individuals from the villages in the Karam Par area of Lakki Marwat find employment in coal mines located in various regions, including Makarwal, Mianwali, Khushab, and Sargodha. These laborers return home after months of strenuous work in the mines.