The caretaker government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has termed the attacks on minorities and law enforcement agencies as alarming while issuing instructions to the Special Branch and KP Counter Terrorism Department to adopt effective strategies to prevent terrorist attacks.

An important meeting was held, on Friday, under the chairmanship of Chief Minister KP Muhammad Azam Khan about the overall law and order situation in the province. The future course of action to improve the law and order situation was discussed in the meeting.

Besides, the caretaker information minister, chief secretary, IGP, the relevant secretaries, and other top officials of the police participated. The participants were briefed on the latest law and order situation in the province.

The meeting was apprised of the measures taken by the police, especially the CTD, to prevent terrorist incidents. It was told that 140 small and big incidents of terrorism have taken place in the province so far this year. Law enforcement agencies were mostly targeted in these incidents. Meanwhile, as a result of the timely action of the police, dozens of terrorist attempts were foiled.

It was also decided to take action against unregistered vehicles, motorcycles, and vehicles with tinted glasses.

The caretaker Chief Minister expressed concern over the attacks on police personnel and urged the CTD and Special Branch Police to play a more active role in thwarting the attacks. Muhammad Azam Khan termed the targeting of minorities as alarming and directed the concerned officials to pay special attention to their protection.

Azam Khan told the participants that law and order is the top priority and the most important responsibility of the caretaker government.

The provincial government will provide resources for this purpose on a priority basis; all possible measures should be taken to ensure the safety of citizens, he added. Azam Khan said that in the current security situation in the province, there is a need for extraordinary measures and a coordinated action plan.

The caretaker chief minister directed that all necessary and modern equipment should be provided to the police personnel to protect them from terrorist attacks.

In relation to law and order in the province, the Department of Interior and Tribal Affairs of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has also sent a letter to the police and district administration in wake of the increase in the activities of militants.

The letter stated that the use of tinted glasses is not allowed. The Ministry of Interior has not issued permits for tinted glass since 2013. Action should be taken against the holders of fake NOC.

The letter further stated that fake number plates and tinted glasses were banned across the province under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1969. In case of violation, the police would take full legal action.

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