LAKKI MARWAT: Detailed investigation into a case of murder of a four-year-old boy in Lakki Marwat has revealed that in fact his aunt killed him.

Four-year-old Awais went missing from outside his house on July 17 and his body was found near his home on August 18 which was stuffed in a gunnysack. The people of the area had staged strong protest over the murder of Awais. During the protest, the protesters had blocked Indus Highway and set fire to a police post.

After the people’s protest, the station house officer (SHO) and deputy superintendent of police (DSP) of Serai Naurang were removed from their posts and the case was handed over to Counter Terrorism Department (CTD). On public pressure, terrorism clauses were also included in the murder case.

The CTD and local police after thorough investigation arrested the aunt of the slain boy. The woman confessed to her crime before the judicial magistrate. She said she killed the child by giving him poisonous pills over some domestic dispute. She said she kept the body of Awais in washing machine for several days.

Police have sent the accused to jail.

Sexual abuse victim seeks justice

A 10-year-old girl from Danai area of Shangla says although the people involved in her sexual abuse have been arrested, but they are influential and pressuring her family.

The family members of the victim girl said at a press conference on Friday that the accused boys belong to influential family and they are threatening them to keep silence. They feared that the accused will be released soon due to their influence.

The victim girl, who is a fifth grade student, said although her father has filed a report with police, but she still cannot go to school. She said she has left her school as she fears for her security. She appealed to the chief minister, chief justice of Peshawar High Court and KP police chief to provide her justice.

Father of the victim girl said he belongs to a poor family and he cannot afford enmity with anyone. He said injustice was committed with his family and the only thing he wants is justice.