PESHAWAR, October 22: The Anti-Corruption and Anti-Narcotics Association has launched a campaign to discourage bribery, commissions and drugs in the province.

While inaugurating the drive, the head of the association Mr Azeemullah Azeem told media that the campaign was not only confined to the slogans and banners. He added that they were conveying a message to people staying at homes that corruption weakened the country’s institutions and it usurped the rights of the deserving people.

He said the campaigners also had authority to take action against such unlawful practices to some extent.

Mr Azeemullah stated that 300 volunteers were participating in the three-day campaign in Peshawar, and that the drive would be extended to other districts of the province as well.

“We have assigned different areas to various teams of volunteers. We will raise awareness about corrupt practices in society and how to discourage those acts,” he added.

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