PESHAWAR: Pakistan Baitul Mal on Wednesday signed agreements with the Universities of Swat, Malakand and Buner to fund the graduation and Master’s level studies of 50 deserving students from each university.

Separate ceremonies were held at the University of Swat, University of Buner and University of Malakand to sign the memoranda of understanding (MoUs) in this regard, says a handout.

Pakistan Baitul Mal Managing Director Aon Abbas said while addressing the students that Prime Minister Imran Khan is not thinking about the next elections, but he is planning for the betterment of the next generation. He said the prime minister is making efforts for the betterment of the country.

Aon Abbas said Pakistan Baitul Mal has provided scholarships to 4,000 students during the last nine months. He said Pakistan Baitul Mal has sent letters to 82 universities of the country and asked them to contact the Baitul Mal if any deserving student needs scholarship. He claimed that it is first time that any institution of the country has taken such a step.

Aon Abbas said Pakistan Baitul Mal is running 150 schools, 40 sweet homes and 150 women empowerment centres for the poor and deserving people. He said the institution is also providing required equipment to 50,000 disabled persons in the country. He said the government has brought effective reforms in Pakistan Baitul Mal and now the deserving people are getting help.

The managing director said it is not the easiest of things to become a leader. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan joined politics because his heart beats for the people in need. He said the prime minister has given a new vision to the people of the country. He said changing the condition of any country is not an easy job, adding that the premier has accepted this challenge and he is doing his best to achieve the desired targets. He said development cannot be brought without education. He said the government is committed to educate each and every child in the country.

Aon Abbas said Pakistan Baitul Mal will continue to participate in the welfare activities and scholarships and other benefits will be provided strictly on merit.