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Balochistan flood affectees anxiously waiting for fulfillment of aid promises

Balochistan government requires Rs 500 billion for reconstruction

by Editor - 25 Jan, 2023 1525

Abdul Karim

Many of the Balochistan’s flood affectees are anxiously waiting for the fulfillment of International Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan Geneva.

Last year floods had caused widespread damages across 34 districts of the province.

Behram Lahri, an activist working on psychological issues of flood affectees in Naseerabad division told TNN that they majority of the affectees were happy with aid promises in Geneva.

He said that many of the flood affectees have their own worries. “Many of think that if these funds were spent through federal or provincial bodies, then, there were little chances of aid reaching them,” he said.

Dr Irfan Baig, another researcher, said that the Geneva Conference there was nothing tangible in the promises to be jubilant about. “It is just a ray of hope,” he said.

However, he said that there would be some parameters which will guide the bids issued for reconstruction. Besides, he said that those giving loans will have their check and balance on these sums. “Some portion of aid will be utilized through government projects while other through NGOs,” he said. Besides, another portion will not in the shape of money, rather, it will comprise grains, foods and other things. In addition to this, some of the funds will be used to rehabilitate roads. However, he added that it will result into good for the flood affectees.

Nasrullah Khan Zayray, a member of provincial assembly from the Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party said that Balochistan government was not powerful enough to get its rights from center.

However, he urged the federal government to not to forget the people of Balcohistan.

“Federal government should give the Balochistan government share of promised aid of US$ 11 billion,” he said. He said that federal government should give Balochistan government its due share.

PDMA Balochistan stance

On the other, Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) spokesperson Maqbool Jafer said that the province was most affected area due to floods. “Balochistan needs Rs 500 billion for reconstruction,” he said. He said that they were hopeful that the province interests will be taken care in the promised aid.

Earlier on January 14, Balochistan Chief Secretary Abdul Aziz Uqaili had stated that the province required US$ 2.3 billion for rehabilitation of floods damages.

The officer said that they will utilize the funds promised in Geneva for the reconstruction of the province.

On the other hand, Balochistan government complains of federal government treatment.

Asadullah Baloch, a minister told the provincial assembly that the federal government shown the destruction in the province to the world. However, he said that the center was not ready to give the province its due share. Besides, he said that the premier visited the province thrice and announced Rs 10 billion for the province, but they did not receive even a penny so far.

“Balochistan resources are important for the province but not its people,” he said.

TNN tried to contact the federal minister for planning and development Ahsan Iqbal regarding Balochistan grievances, but did not receive any response.