Bannu elders to boycott anti-polio campaign in protest against power shutdown

BANNU: Momand Khel and Banuchi tribes in Bannu district have announced to boycott of anti-polio campaigns and would stop sending their children to schools in protest against power outage in the area.

Dawood Shah and other leaders of the Momand Khel tribes during an emergency press conference at the Kari Momand Khel Powerhouse said that in the past, there has been a written agreement between the two tribes, the district administration and the WAPDA authorities regarding the restoration of power supply from the Garmagri powerhouse.

But now WAPDA officials are not ready to accept their agreement and for the last five days, both tribes have been deprived of electricity supply. He said that due to lack of electricity, the people of both tribes are missing basic necessities including water and are facing difficulties.

On this occasion, the protestors decided to close the area schools and to not send their children to school in protest and announced the boycott of the polio campaign until the government provides them with electricity. He threatened that polio campaign workers would not be able to return to their areas unless their electricity is restored.

District Bannu is leading in polio cases from where so far a total of 22 cases have been reported and the authorities have focused their energies to root out the crippling disease from the district. From Hangu 2 cases have been reported, 1 from DI Khan, 1 from Shangla, 5 from Torghar, 3 from Lakki Marwat 3, and 1 from Charsadda district.

From Newly merged districts, North Waziristan is leading with 8 polio cases, Bajaur 1, Khyber 1, and one case have been reported from South Waziristan. The prime minister’s focal person on polio eradication, Babar bin Atta, has warned that situation will worsen if corrective steps not taken. “The situation is not just alarming. It will worsen if the emergency corrective measures are not adopted,” Mr Atta has said.