“Your bread is never round. Guests have come, make round bread or we will be laughed at. Girl..! when will you learn to make round bread?”

These and many other phrases are heard by many women daily. I am judged by the shape of my bread, putting aside all my other abilities. But now I am also adamant that I will not learn round bread (because it is not made by me). And it doesn’t just happen to me, but every woman living in our society has to go to great lengths to convince herself.

This is not just the fate of the daughter of Eve living in this society, but there are similar standards for everyone, be it a man, a woman, or an innocent child, who is told from the beginning that he/she will have to secure first position in class, will study science subjects, will not waste time in sports, only then will he/she become a successful person.

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All these standards are created by the masters of this patriarchal society. This society accepts a woman only if she fulfills them; otherwise, a woman has to go to great lengths to convince herself.

This society accepts the woman who lowers her gaze; she keeps her voice low, is playful, and not only knows all the household chores but also does them happily whether her mood allows it or not.

She is patient and serves her family without caring about her self-respect. The ideal woman of this society has no desire because she is “the cow of Allah.” I have mentioned these attributes in detail; otherwise, this list is quite long, and if I sit down to write, it will become a whole book.

It is a pity that the company in which such women are trained is often headed by a woman. But it is not her fault because she knows very well that it is impossible to live in this society without these qualities. Because taking the other path requires hard work and there is no guarantee of success.

Every human being has some quality, some characteristic that makes him/her different from other human beings and makes him/her unique. But we are unable to understand that if we put every human being in the same mold and test him/her, will not the individuality of this beautiful creation created by the true Creator be lost? Because the beauty of the world is variety.

When we force people to fit into these molds, we destroy the appeal of their personalities, which turns them off. Due to this continuous effort, their faces show fatigue and they become pale. I have found many women unhappy in this struggle, which results in everyone in the family seeming bored with life because the house revolves around the laughing woman. If she is not fit and happy in her life, she will not be able to keep the people around her happy.

The beauty of the world is variety. If all colors were erased from the world and painted in one color, would you like to live in such a world?