Nisar Bettani

“Zamong Kor” DI Khan is grappling with a budget deficit due to a high number of children and challenging economic conditions.

Rafiullah Khan, the assistant director of the institution, emphasized that its primary objective is to uplift street children, providing them with education and transforming them into productive, literate citizens.

Currently hosting 110 children, “Zamong Kor” Dera Ismail Khan fulfills their educational, health, housing, food, clothing, and other needs, sponsored by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

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However, the institution faces financial challenges due to the substantial number of children. Rafiullah Khan highlighted the need for collaboration with philanthropists to alleviate these difficulties.

Schedule for Children by Management

The institution operates around the clock, seven days a week, following a comprehensive schedule. Activities include morning prayers, breakfast, school preparation, memorization classes, and sports. In addition to ensuring quality education, the institution provides top-notch facilities for higher education and healthcare. The strict routine aims to instill discipline and promote physical well-being among the children.

Rafiullah Khan noted that while the institution’s capacity is around 100, it currently accommodates 110 children from DI Khan, South Waziristan, Tank, Lakki Marwat, and other areas. The organization focuses on aiding destitute, orphaned, and innocent children, offering them a well-equipped hostel with weather-appropriate facilities.

Found Children Who Were Completely Destitute

Assistant Director Rafiullah Khan highlighted the institution’s relentless efforts to identify and support children in dire circumstances. By rescuing children facing extreme destitution, the institution provides them with education, training, and a nurturing environment. The success stories include a child initially sent to work at a young age due to family hardships. Now, with the institution’s support, he receives proper accommodation, nutritious meals, and quality education.

Khan emphasized that the staff not only addresses the educational needs of these children but also focuses on their mental and moral development. He urged philanthropists to collaborate with the institution, emphasizing that these children, often orphans and in need, deserve attention, care, and the opportunity to become valuable members of society.