Rehma Yousfzai

Afghans families living in Camp Korona area of Nowshera district are forced to live in tents after the floods washed away their houses earlier in August this year.

There were 147 Afghan families living in area and were forced to relocate after the floods and forced to live in tents. The camp now lies in ruins and its occupants are facing plethora of problems.

Bahsira, a local told TNN that life was good before floods; however, now it was very difficult.

She said that both the adults and children were sick most of the days. “Life is difficult in leaky tents in winter,” she said.

She said that they neither have a roof over their heads nor anything to eat. Before floods, she said that they were living in six rooms house, which was flattened in the deluge and they escaped with whatever was on their bodies. “I only managed to get away with a bag of rice,” she said.

She said that they heard about the floods; therefore, were ready to leave on time. “Flood hit our camp in the evening and we left sometime earlier,” she said. However, she said that only humans managed to escape while whatever they had was destroyed with the houses.

She said that Afghan Commissionerate has provided them tents. “After spending a night in open, we approached the Commissionerate officials and informed them about our situation and they provided tents to us next day,” she said.

Another woman from the Camp Korona said that she also a lost six room house in the floods. She said that her married sons had their own rooms besides two verandahs and four washrooms. “Everything was destroyed in floods,” she said.

The woman said that the area lacked a health facility and it was very difficult for them to reach a hospital in case someone fell ill. “We cannot even think about spending money on us,” she said.

She said that one of the house’s female was expecting and they were really worried at slightest noise about taking her to hospital.

The woman demanded that government should construct houses for them. You will be sad if you see our frost bitten bodies in the morning,” she said.

Assistant Commissioner Nowshra Tanveer Ahmed said that a digital survey of flood affected areas inlcuding Camp Korona, Amangrah, Pirpiai, Nowshera Kalan and Kabul River to collect details of damaged houses and other crops in order to compensate for losses.

The officer said that 147 families were affected in the Camp Korona and they will try their best to address all their issues on priority basis.

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