Protests staged against illegal appointments in Parachinar
Protests staged against illegal appointments in Parachinar

PARACHINAR: The tribal elders and candidates staged protest against the alleged irregularities in the appointment of staff at the office of civil judge in Parachinar on Monday. Protesters gathered outside the press club and chanted slogans against the administration for alleged violation of merit.

The protestors reached to the press club through different routes from different parts of Kurram district to record their protest. The tribal elder Haji Sardar Hussain, Social activist Ali Jawad Tori, Agha Muzamil Husain, and Christian elders participated in the protest.

The elders alleged that talented and well-educated candidates were deprived of their rights to get the job through a well-planned strategy and only blue-eyed ones were appointed on all the posts. They said that against this ‘injustice’ they are going to start the protests until the government re-conducts tests and interviews for all the posts.

The elders said that to hire their own people on the posts, the officials have conducted several tests and rescheduled the interviews many times. They also accused the officials of changing the dates and conveyed wrong dates of test and interviews to the candidates due to which most of the candidates could not reach to the test and interview centre on time.

The elders alleged that even after the conduct of the test, most of the candidates were unaware of it. And those candidates accused the elders, who have made their way to the test and interview, were also removed from the way through different methods.

The tribal elders, during the press conference, have accused the Civil Judge Esa Khan of playing a partial role in the appointments.

They accused the judge of hiring the candidates belonging to his area and tribe in gross violation of rules and merit. They tribal elders revealed that the rejected candidates also included a number of highly educated students including MPhil degree holders, but they were not paid any attention.