Corona positivity rate 23pc in Swat, 22pc in Peshawar

The third wave of the coronavirus is intensifying in Pakistan with Peshawar showing 22 percent positivity rate and Swat 23 percent.

Another doctor dies in KP as corona fourth wave intensifies

Another doctor in KP lost his life to coronavirus as the fourth wave of the pandemic has intensified in the province and rest of the country.

Corona vaccination of 4,500 sanitary staff in Peshawar begins

Water and Sanitation Services Peshawar on Tuesday started vaccination of 4,500 sanitary staff against COVID-19.

Girls college in Mardan closed after 7 students contract coronavirus

The Government Girls Degree College Sheikh Maltoon has been closed for seven days after seven students were diagnosed with coronavirus.

PHC Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth dies of coronavirus

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice Waqar Ahmad Seth died of coronavirus on Thursday. He was aged 59.

COVID-19 makes life harder for transgender community

The outbreak of coronavirus in March made the lives of transgender people more difficult. There are challenges that made them suffer more.

Measuring the success of Covid-19 awareness campaigns in KP

Rifaqatullah Razarwal Many people from across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have expressed their satisfaction over government campaigns to inform the public about Covid-19. However, on other hand, communication...

Another doctor dies of corona in KP

Additional Director of Khalifa Gul Nawaz Hospital Bannu Dr Farooq, who was under treatment at a Peshawar hospital, died of coronavirus.

US donates 1 million rapid diagnostic tests to help Pakistan fight COVID-19

These new rapid diagnostic tests detect infection in minutes, enabling health officials to quickly identify hotspots of infection.

The reality of the installing chips in human body through Covid-19 vaccine

Kaif Afridi One of the rumors spread against the Covid-19 vaccine was that through the vaccine, the Microsoft billionaire founder Bill Gates planned to implant...

Growing up girls in Waziristan supposed to stop education, help in domestic work

Many girls in South Waziristan can’t continue their education beyond primary level because of a particular mindset.

Chilghoza prices drop amid corona-triggered lockdown

At a time when the prices of edibles have recorded increase, the prices of pine nuts dropped significantly during the coronavirus lockdown.