Tehmina Syed

TNN covers every news worthy event happening in KP and Fata with a balance approach. Whether it is a government function or a public...

Saddam Shinwari

TNN is a news organization which focuses on every issues pertaining to Fata and KP. I worked here for a period of three months...

Sumbul Fatima

TNN gives wide coverage to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata in its bulletins. It gives importance to its listeners’ opinion and accommodates news items on...

Naila Naeem

Joining a working place is always a challenging task especially for girls but I was lucky enough that I found TNN as my first working place.

Naheed Bibi

I wanted to know everything about radio journalism and audio reporting. Thanks to TNN that I learnt a lot of new things during my short association with it. I found about selection of idea for a news story, crafting news and translation.

Shafaq Saba

Working with TNN was my first entry to the profession of journalism. I had heard theoretically about journalism, radio, reporting, news story etc. in the university but I have never been to a media outlet.

Anwar Shah Orakzai

After completing my graduation, I opted to study journalism in Masters as a step towards my ultimate goal of becoming a broadcast journalist. I had a craze to do reporting for a radio and read Pashto news bulletin on air.

Nabeela Kundi

I had hoped to learn Pashto typing, crafting news and reading Pashto in TNN. It is the TNN where I learnt to write and read Pashto crafting news stories.

Romeen Bibi

This was my first ever internship at TNN. Here I learnt the basics of radio reporting. I learnt how a news story can be crafted and what should be kept in mind before undertaking a news assignment.

Syed Aftab

I had expected to be given enough and proper time in the course of learning. I also had hoped that radio journalism might be taught to us here.

Aqdar Khan

Being a journalism student, I wanted to learn everything about radio journalism. I came to know about mixing and editing besides learning script writing. I brief, I have learned all the basic things relating to radio journalism.

Ceena Naeem

I had not processed professional tasks before and I wanted to have an idea about the work I just mentioned besides radio information.