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Cautionary Tale: The Perils of Online Friendships and Marriages

It is essential to consider the consequences of our actions on our loved ones.
by TNN Editor - 27 Jul, 2023 1607


A viral story on social media involves a Pakistani boy named Nasrullah and an Indian girl named Anju, who recently got married after meeting on Facebook. Anju, who was already married and a mother of two, left her family in India to marry Nasrullah in Pakistan. This raises questions about the importance people place on online friendships and whether such impulsive decisions can lead to successful relationships.

Anju's father expressed his disappointment, stating that she is no longer considered part of their family for abandoning her husband and children. It raises concerns about the reliability of Facebook friendships and marriages and their potential for lasting success.

This story is not an isolated incident; there have been similar cases of people moving to different countries for online friendships. For instance, Seema Haider left Pakistan with her four children to marry an Indian boy named Sachin.

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Such occurrences are not limited to international borders; within the country, boys and girls often form superficial friendships on social media, leading to more harm than good.

In these virtual connections, individuals often portray a false image of themselves by using someone else's pictures or exaggerating their achievements. These deceptive practices only lead to disappointment when their true nature is revealed, resulting in broken relationships.

Social media friendships should be taken lightly, as they are merely a pastime. When true personalities come to light, mutual acceptance becomes difficult, leading to heartache. Why engage in deceit when the outcome is inevitable? Such actions tarnish the family's reputation and leave a negative impact on children's lives.

It is essential to consider the consequences of our actions on our loved ones. Engaging in inappropriate online relationships can damage the entire family dynamic, affecting the children's perception of their parents and future decisions.

To avoid such predicaments, we should refrain from indulging in social media dating or hasty marriages. Let us boycott these harmful behaviors and be sincere to our families. Choosing the right path will ensure a happy life and protect the well-being of everyone involved. As responsible individuals, let us not allow our actions to cause pain and suffering to others.

Raynaz, a teacher and exam controller at KIPS College Mardan, shares her thoughts on gender and social issues through blogging.