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BATTAGRAM, June 27: With temperatures rising continuously, the Cheel valley of Battagram district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, is attracting tourists due to its chilly weather and serene environment. However, the area is awaiting attention of authorities for basic facilities.

Like Murree, Kaghan and Naran valleys, Cheel area offers visitors the beauty of nature in the shape of forests and towering hills. However, many people do not visit the area because there is no electricity supply while the road infrastructure is also in a shambles.

TNN correspondent says there is no metallic road up to Cheel valley but one has to travel on foot to reach the area.

Several tourists, who visited Cheel, say one must have sweaters and coats even in the months of June and July in summer season due to cold weather in the valley.

Also, there is a spring of red-colour water resembling blood, which has become attention of the tourists’ attention.

“When it comes to beauty of nature, the Cheel offers views that even Europe and other regions do not have,” stated a resident of Battagram.

Another local resident said, “I invite tourists to visit Cheel and I am sure they will like it much.”

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