MIRANSHAH: One child lost her life and three others were injured in a landmine blast in North Waziristan tribal district on Monday.

Local sources said the incident happened near Dabray Pull in Patikhel village in Hamzoni. The sources said children belonging to same family were playing outside their home when one of them stepped over a landmine. A little girl lost her life in the incident, while three others were injured. The deceased child was identified as three-year-old Hania. The injured children were aged between six months and years.

The injured children were taken to the military hospital for treatment.

On June 13, a security personnel lost his life in a landmine explosion in South Waziristan tribal district.

Official sources said a soldier was coming back to his check post after repairing a water pipeline in Sra Rogha tehsil when he stepped on a landmine. The deceased Frontier Corps (FC) personnel was identified as Ayazuddin.

For the last couple of years, Waziristan region facing the menace of landmines which have killed a number of tribal people including the security forces. One of the oldest demand of the tribal people from the federal government is to clear land mines from the district, however, despite all efforts, so far the area could not be completely cleared from IEDs.

Accused of child sexual abuse arrested

An eight-year-old girl was sexually abused allegedly by her aunt’s husband in Peshawar.

Sources said the girl Zenab had gone to the house her aunt’s house in Saeedabad area of Hashtnagri, Peshawar where she was allegedly sexually abused by her aunt’s husband.

Police said it immediately took action and arrested the accused, Niaz Ali. Police said the samples of the victim girl have been sent for laboratory tests. It said the accused will be presented before the court after confirmation of the sexual abuse allegation.

According to annual report of Sahil, an NGO, 3,832 child abuse cases were reported in Pakistan in 2018, which means that such cases increased by 11 percent from 2017 as in that year 3,445 cases of sexual abuse were reported. Of the reported cases, 63 percent cases were from Punjab, 27 percent from Sindh, 4 percent from KP, 3 per from Islamabad and 2 per from Balochistan. The report shows KP and Balochistan have overcome the menace to some extent, while Punjab and Sindh need to work more on it.

Besides these reported cases, thousands of cases of sexual abuse of children go unreported due to social implications. However, recently due to vibrant campaign by the media and NGOs, now the trend to reporting sexual abuse cases in increasing in all parts of the country.