Plastic bags continue to pollute our environment
Plastic bags continue to pollute our environment

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has once against issued order of taking action again the use of plastic bags, saying, that it has negative impacts on the efforts for promotion of tourism in the province.

The CM also imposed ban on new constructions in Maho Dhand tourists spot in Kalam, after he was informed that continues construction have negative effects on the scenic valley, which is one of the prime attraction for tourists in the province.

Khan expressed displeasure over the unabated use of plastic bags despite the ban and strictly directed that relevant laws should be brought into use at once in order to curb the menace which has cost hefty not only in terms of environmental pollution but also by threatening human lives and biodiversity in the province.

The Chief Minister also directed the administration to take action against all those factories who manufacture plastic without using biodegradable materials in addition to imposing heavy fines on people involved in importing plastic bags from other provinces.

While chairing a meeting on promotion of tourism in the province, the Chief Minister directed the Information and Public relations department to start an awareness campaign highlighting the relevant laws and penalties against the use of plastic bags in order to warn the manufacturers and shopkeepers in addition to educating the masses on the negative impacts of plastic bags on environment and biodiversity.

The Chief Minister further directed the Information & PRs Department to undertake measures in cooperation with the District Administrations for promoting the use of biodegradable shopping bags.

Mahmood Khan issued directives to the District Administration to extend the crackdown campaigns against plastic bags manufacturers so that its production and use may be curtailed.

The Chief Minister stated that “Use of plastic bags is having negative impacts on the tourism industry as it is one of the major causes that is affecting the natural beauty and tourist spots of the province.” The Chief Minister also directed the District Administrations to ensure the availability of biodegradable shopping bags throughout the province.