JAMRUD, August 7: With the start of August, the maize crop is ready for harvest in majority of the areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA region and corns have flooded the markets nowadays.

In summer season, people often like cold drinks and food but there are many who like to eat corncobs.

On the one hand, people eat cobs while on the other most Pashtuns like the maize bread called ‘Sukrak’ in local Pashto language.

Mr Jamilullah, 25, a vendor selling salty corncobs for the last 15 years in Jamrud market, Khyber Agency, told TNN that they sold 120kg corns every day.

“It is cooked in four different ways. It can be cooked in salt, it can be boiled, or grilled and it can be cooked in hot sand. Some people like boiled corncobs while some like cobs cooked in salt,” he added.

If it is cooked properly, it is very tasty.

Doctors say that maize fulfils deficiency of blood and controls blood pressure. They say it is beneficial for diabetic people.

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