DC Mardan imposes ban on toy guns
DC Mardan imposes ban on toy guns

PESHAWAR: The Deputy Commissioner, Mardan has imposed a ban on toy weapons and crackers in the district to maintain peace in the district as well as protect children from the negative impacts of toy guns.

The order has been issued under section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) on Tuesday. It said that in order to ensure the maintenance of peace at the occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr-2019, said the notification issued.

The notification further added that a ban has also been imposed on sale and purchase of crackers and toy-weapons in Mardan District. The deputy commissioner (DC) has asked the district Police officer, Sajjad Khan, to implement the order in true sense.

A copy of the notification has also been forwarded for information to the Deputy Inspector General of Police Operations, Peshawar and the Regional Police Officer (RPO) Mardan for the proper implementation of the order.

Every year, on the occasion of Eid, toy guns flood the markets of the province and every child has a gun or even two in their hands. The child activists believe that a child’s mind is impressionable and more often not understanding what is good and can be shaped by the games they indulge in. Studies have also proved that if children play violent games, there is more likelihood that when they grow up, they become more aggressive and violent in their lives.

According to reports, around eighty per cent of parents involve their children to play with fun toy weapons. Playing with gun toys set the mind of children that gun is a conventional and accepted pattern of the culture.

The government of Sindh has already imposed a ban on the manufacture, sale, purchase, use and display of toy guns and pistols is significant. The use of toy guns by children causes grievous injuries and negative effect on the children’s minds.