Ali Afzal Azaal

Four people were killed and 30 others were injured in a clash between two tribes over a land dispute in the Boshehra area of Kurram district.

The clashes, triggered by the dispute, started yesterday evening and continue to persist. Among the casualties are prominent community leaders, Wahab Ali Shakh, Muhammad, Abdul Wali, and Ali Khel.

Both sides have suffered fatalities, with a total of 30 individuals sustaining injuries. Twenty of the injured have been taken to District Hospital Parachinar, where three individuals are reported to be in critical condition. Medical staff are making every effort to save their lives.

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The district administration and police are actively engaged in efforts to quell the violence with the assistance of tribal elders. Unfortunately, the clashes have dealt a severe blow to peace initiatives in the district.

Tribal leaders Inayat Ali Turi and Allama Tajjamul Hussain have expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives and have urged immediate action to address the underlying land disputes in order to prevent further incidents of this nature.

Prominent social leader Mir Afzal Khan emphasized that these clashes not only result in the loss of precious lives but also tarnish the reputation of the area. Maulana Shah Nawaz Khan and Maulana Altaf Hussain highlighted the unrest caused by the ongoing fighting, which is devastating the lives of ordinary people.

District Police Officer Muhammad Imran stated that negotiations are underway to restore normalcy, expressing hope that the situation will soon return to a state of peace.

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