Death toll in gas cylinder blast reaches 10
Death toll in gas cylinder blast reaches 10

PESHAWAR: The death toll gas cylinder explosion on May 6 at a tandoor in Dir Colony area of Peshawar has reached 10 include nine children.

The incident has occurred on May 6, minutes before Iftar time, when a number of people, mostly children, were gathering outside the Tandoor to collect bread. Since the tragedy, the Ghafoor Abad locality was getting a dead body of a victim almost every day from hospitals.

At that time, the Rescue 1122 has said that at least 20 persons were injured in Ghafoor Abad locality of Peshawar. The Rescue 1122 has said that the explosion was so severe that it spread panic in the area.

After the tragedy, KP department for relief and reconstruction has issued notification all the deputy commissioners directing them to keep a check on the use of LPG cylinder in homes, hotels and shops.

The notification added that through proper care, such incidents could be avoided. The department also asked the consumer to properly check cylinder before purchase and make sure that it is manufactured by a reputed company.

The KP Police have also completed the investigation process of the Dir Colony tragedy. The police have come to the conclusion that due to the unavailability of gas connection at the Tandoor Shop, its owner was using CNG cylinder. The police report added that tandoor was running on CNG cylinder for the last seven months.

The police report said that first a plastic pipe caught fire and within a short time, it engulfed the CNG cylinder thus when its temperature increased, it exploded with a huge bang.

The district Peshawar administration has launched a drive to stop the use of CNG cylinders at restaurants and tandoors in the city. The authorities have claimed that they’ve arrested several people and seized 17 cylinders during raids in different parts of the provincial metropolis.