Nowshera has been put on high alert after five cases of the dengue virus were officially reported. District Health Officer Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan disclosed that the health department has taken immediate action to combat the dengue virus, mobilizing various teams across the district.

To address the emerging threat, Dengue isolation wards have been set up in six hospitals, including the District Headquarters Hospital in Nowshera. Deputy Commissioner Kabir Afridi of Nowshera issued directives to the Cantonment Boards and TMOs (Town Municipal Officers) to implement special preventive measures against the dengue virus.

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khan reiterated that five confirmed cases of dengue have been reported, with indications of additional cases in private hospitals. CMH Nowshera and CMH Risalpur have been enlisted for consultation and information sharing.

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Deputy Commissioner Kabir Afridi emphasized that health department teams have received strict orders to undertake measures preventing the breeding of dengue larvae, both in the district and cantonment areas.

Additionally, the Cantonment Boards and TMOs have been instructed to initiate IRS dengue spray in affected regions, serving as a preventive measure against the virus. Plans are also in motion to ensure that comprehensive medical facilities are accessible at the community and BHU (Basic Health Unit) level for those affected by dengue throughout the district.

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