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The tribes of Bannu, along with leaders of ‘Wazir Qaumi Etihad’ and ‘Khattak Etihad’, have jointly declared a protest movement to secure the release of the Deputy Director of Agriculture who was abducted from the Kalachi area in Dera Ismail Khan. The decision was made during a “jirga” held at Nasruddin House Surani, where representatives from various tribes and organizations gathered to address the issue.

Pir Syed Qaisar Abbas, the founder of “Bannu Bachao Tehreek”, will lead the protest movement on behalf of the tribal leaders. The jirga emphasized the urgency of recovering the abducted Deputy Director of Agriculture, Hussain Ahmed, and another official, Shahid Betani, both residents of Bannu, who were taken captive by unknown armed men on May 7 in Kalachi. Despite the passage of two weeks, no significant efforts have been made by the government to secure their release.

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Addressing the jirga, tribal leaders expressed their disappointment in the government’s lack of action and highlighted the ongoing security challenges faced by citizens in Bannu. They demanded that the provincial and federal governments prioritize the safe recovery of the abducted deputy director and ensure that the perpetrators face justice.

The leaders warned that if the government fails to take swift action, they will mobilize the people of Bannu through peaceful rallies and gatherings.

A committee has been formed to coordinate the protest movement, and a plan of action will be developed in the coming days. A peace rally will be organized, accompanied by a recitation of Yasin and Khatam al-Qur’an Sharif, as a symbol of unity and determination to secure the release of the abducted official.

Additionally, a plan of action will be devised under the leadership of national leaders to further expand the protest movement and ensure the safe recovery of the abductee.

The participants of the jirga expressed their concerns over the repeated incidents of abductions in Bannu and called for immediate measures to address this alarming situation.

The tribes of Bannu are steadfast in their commitment to stand up for the rights and safety of their community members. They urge the government to take decisive action and ensure the swift recovery of the abducted deputy director, signaling that the resilience of the tribes will not waver until justice is served.

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