Abdul Sattar

Centenary Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar’s birth was celebrated in his ancestral residence in Mohallah Khudadad area of provincial capital on Monday.

The event was organized by the Cultural Heritage Council and attended by people from different walks of life. CHC secretary Shakeel Waheedullah Khan in his speech thanked the participants and said that the event was aimed at spread message of friendship between the people of Pakistan and India.

Mr Khan at this occasion also expressed his regrets over the dilapidated condition of Bollywood’s legend ancestral residence. He said that besides being the residence of Dilip Kumar, about 128 years old and fell in heritage category.

Mr Khan said that the archeology department was responsible for the building restoration.

He said that every year claims are made about restoration of this residence; however, nothing was being done in practical. “The house is about to collapse,” he said.

Besides, he said that the deceased actor has also played crucial role in fund raising for Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. However, he regretted that Imran Khan government in the center and province did nothing for the preservation of the heritage.

He said that if this situation continued then they will be forced to engage in fund raising from Indian film industry, people and government as well as the Pakistani film industry, people and government.

Besides, he also demanded the KP government to take emergency steps to save Peshawar’s heritage including Raj Kapoor’s haveli and Dilip Kumar’s residence.

Otherwise, we will be forced to stage protest and start collecting donations for the purpose, he said.

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