LAKKI MARWAT, June 17: A social welfare organization, the Al-Khidmat Foundation, distributed food items, tents, camps, and water coolers among 150 families displaced from North Waziristan and lodged in Lakki Marwat district.

The items were distributed at a local Hujra in Sarai Naurang area. General Secretary of the organization, Mr Muhammad Rafique Afridi, said they would assist the affected people as much as they could.

Some of the displaced people, who received the aid, told TNN, “The Al-Khidmat Foundation provided assistance to us but we request the government to arrange accommodation for the displaced people also. There is about 800,000 population of Waziristan and it is impossible to adjust them in camp or homes in other areas. We request the government to open the route as soon as possible so that local people migrate peacefully to the safer areas.”

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