IDPs protest

PESHAWAR, August 14: The people displaced from North Waziristan held a rally from Bagh-e-Naran up to the Peshawar Press Club for the fulfillment of their demands.

The demonstrators said that the authorities claimed to have cleared 80% North Waziristan of miscreants and hence they must be allowed to go back to their areas.

They said the whole country was celebrating the Independence Day while the IDPs were living in camps and homes of other people.

The protesters said the educational career of their children might be adversely affected due to their displacement if we are not repatriated back to their areas.

“First we were uprooted from our homes and now authorities are asking us to vacate the schools as well. Today all the people are celebrating the Independence Day by decorating their cars and homes; we also want to celebrate it in our homes. We demand the government allows us to go back homes,” said one of the protesters.

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