TANK, May 28: A conflict has arisen over the appointment in Levies force between Betani tribespersons of the Frontier Region (FR) and settled area of Tank district. People of the settled Warspoon, Datta and Danna areas, inhabited by Betani tribesmen, staged protest in Tank district. The tribal elders said they bore all kinds of sacrifices while living under the FCR law but when it comes to facilities, they are considered residents of settled areas, not tribals. The people of settled areas of Betani tribe told TNN, “Administration says that the tribe who seeks FR facilities will also agree to face Collective Responsibility law while we keep on saying that collective responsibility is already imposed on us, then why we are not having privileges of tribals?” The authorities had specified May 30 as the last date to submit applications for appointments in the Levies force but now the date has been extended to six more days after the protest by local residents.

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