UPPER DIR,31 October: The earthquake affected people have protested against the non-provision of relief items by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa   government in Warai area of Upper Dir. The protestors blocked the main road leading to Peshawar for five hours and chanted slogans against the provincial government.

Talking to TNN, they blamed that the government was distributing relief items among the non affected people instead of deserving people affected by the earthquake.

One of the protestors told TNN “I myself have collected Rs 75000 donations for the treatment of quake victims because there was no government official and machinery present for carrying out relief operation following the disaster”.

Another protestor complained that Chief Minister Pervez Khattak visited Timergarah but he did not come to Warai to know about losses caused by the earthquake in the area.” Some of the relief items including wheat were sent by provincial government to Warai but they were distributed among the non-deserving people and workers of Jamat-e-Islami .

Later the protester dispersed following successful talks with deputy commissioner.

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