PESHAWAR: After Haripur, the district education officer in Peshawar has also declared wearing of abaya, gown or chaddar mandatory for female students on Monday.

“All heads of Government Girls Middle, High and Higher Secondary schools of District Peshawar are directed to follow school timings and instruct all students to use Gown/Abaya or Chadar to veil/conceal/cover-up themselves in order to protect themselves from any unethical incident. The matter may be treated as most urgent and important,” said a notification issued by Peshawar District Education Officer (Female) on Monday.

After the imposition of such regulation on in Haripur, the adviser to Chief Minister on Education Ziaullah Bangash has said that the decision of mandating wearing of abaya for female students will be extended to all over the province.

A circular was issued last week by District Education Officer of Education Department in Haripur District making Abaya compulsory for school girls in Haripur. The circular states that the girls should wear abaya to avoid any immoral activity, in view of the increasing number of complaints of harassment and harassment of girls.

Talking about this in Geo News program Geo-Pakistan Ziaullah Bangash said “There is no restriction on girls’ within schools. It is mandatory only from school to home and from home to school so that they are fully covered from head to toe.”

The provincial adviser added “I want to tell people that we have rich Islamic traditions. Our decisions based on our culture and religion. The decision is going to be implemented across the province.” The first step in the decision we made was taken by the District of Haripur, asking the rest of the EDOs to spread it to the rest of the province. Zia Bangash added, “The decisions we make are for the peace of mind of the public and parents and the protection of children so that incidents of harassment do not happen.”