tank story pic by Ayub Bhetani
A view of tribal elders’ jirga in FR Tank. – Photo by Ayub Betani

TANK, November 6: Elders of Tatta, Warspoon and Dhana tribes have appealed to the government not to provide the Frontier Region (FR) domicile to Betani tribespersons, who have been settled in Seetal area.

The elders made the demand at a jirga yesterday, with Assistant Political Agent Mr Naseer Khan in the chair.

The tribes claim that the people of Betani tribe obtained two domiciles for themselves, which not only got them rights from the area of the mentioned three tribes, but also facilitated them with rights of FR population.

They said tribesmen from the area of Seetal were given jobs on the quota reserved for them and that they also got admission in educational institutions on FR quota.

“We, the people from FR, are not given our due rights as all of the facilities reserved for us are availed by the people of Seetal area, and we are left behind, with nothing in our hands. As per the FR policies, we don’t accept the domiciles of people of the other regions. In case any of the tribesmen is found to be having FR domicile, we will cancel it,” stated one of the elders.

On the occasion, the political agent said the court would take a decision regarding the provision of FR domiciles to the tribesmen of Betani, inhabiting Seetal region.

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