PESHAWAR, July 12: Students of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) have created solar-powered cooler that can store vaccines at appropriate temperatures.

The mechanical department students, Irfanullah, Farukh Saleem, Muhammad Adnan and Shahrukh, told TNN that they had started working on the project since September last year and successfully completed the plan two months ago.

The project cost 30,000 rupees, they added. The engineering students claimed that other than solar energy, vaccine storage cooler could be charged by automobile battery and electricity as well.

The vaccine cooler can maintain the temperatures of 2-8 degree Celsius, according to international standards, to keep the vaccines cool.

Team leader Irfanullah said their product could be introduced in the market if the government and private organisations supported them in the cause.

Irfanullah told TNN, “We can increase the quantity of this product and we are able to work on high level but we are facing financial constraints and need the support of university authorities and government.”

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