Maha Khan

Our marriages frequently occur all through holidays often traumatic our packages. I am certain that a huge phase of our society suffers from the increasing numbers of marriages that take location all through college holidays, hence stopping them from traveling and taking part in holiday in one manner or any other.

While psychologists emphasize that holidays offer a terrific opportunity for amusement, inducing happiness, energizing human beings and enhancing their enthusiasm, it also gives them an opportunity to invest time in beneficial things, which they will not get throughout working and faculty days.

But, there was a great trend that during vacations after semester and very last exams, people receive masses of letters from family and pals inviting them to marriage ceremonies. Because of these marriage invitations humans are not able to plan their vacations nicely.

It’s miles regrettable that the time for holiday has turned into a duration for marriages, which have emerge as an high-priced affair as a result of inviting a big quantity of human beings and supplying numerous sorts of meals, thus becoming an instance for extravaganza and an event for showing off. Many teenagers express their reluctance to marry thinking about the unbearable costs.

The maximum surprising aspect is that in spite of the supply of a huge number of wedding ceremony halls and hotels their costs are not lowering. Opposite to the call for and deliver theory expenses of wedding halls are going up year after 12 months, defying the rule.

It’s ordinary that many people, who’re not even able to rent a room, maintain marriage features of their little kids in huge wedding ceremony halls, after taking bank loans, to impress human beings and lead them to inform that his bridal ceremony changed into held inside the maximum expensive wedding ceremony corridor within the metropolis.

It’s unfortunate that people have forgotten the religious instructions concerning weddings and hold them according with existing customs and traditions, for this reason limiting unnecessary fees. I’d say there is massive negligence on the part of spiritual pupils and mosque leaders in enlightening the public on the need to lessen wedding fees by using organizing them in a easy manner.

Our scholars have didn’t persuade the general public about marriage goals set with the aid of the Shariah and a way to announce them nicely without extravagance, stimulated by the announcing of the Prophet (peace be upon him) “maintain a marriage party even by way of (slaughtering) a sheep.”

Marriage ceremonies are speculated to be simple features attended by a constrained range of people without incurring heavy fees that might destroy the back of a adolescents. we have observed that a few human beings invite hundreds of pals and family to weddings, who discover it tough to find space for parking their automobiles and even to enter the corridor due to the large crowd of visitors.

It’s far a painful sight that half of of the food is going waste at weddings as human beings do now not eat them. i would now not be exaggerating when I say that the meals provided at these capabilities may be served to the double the wide variety of invitees. This represents sheer waste of money, which would now not make Allah happy. Moreover, our Prophet has warned against such extravagances.

We are hoping our network’s extravagant weddings change such that it adheres to customs and traditions stimulated by the spirit of Islam. We ought to create a state of affairs that people keep their weddings in any day of the year without the need to watch for lengthy faculty and university holidays. They want no longer even wait for the weekend to preserve such ceremonies due to the fact such timings would boost the costs of wedding ceremony halls.

A wise character invited me to a marriage ceremony, which was held within the courtyard of his house. It changed into a joyous night attended through about one hundred fifty invitees. It realized the objective of the maker of Shariah and at the equal time helped him announce the marriage of his son without fanfare.

I wish the network might upward thrust up to the event, discarding incorrect customs and traditions and promoting positive initiatives. This may discourage human beings from retaining marriage ceremonies with pomp and pageantry, accordingly wasting the Ummah’s wealth.

The query is whether or not our groups might be geared up to upward push up to the occasion with the aid of discarding such pompous and luxurious marriage ceremonies and whether our holidays might be loose from weddings in order for human beings to use them for leisure and other functions together with tourism.

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