One of the facilitators behind the Ali Masjid suicide blast, Ali Masjid in the Khyber district, was neutralized in a decisive encounter with the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD).

Law enforcement sources revealed that a fierce exchange of gunfire transpired between the CTD operatives and terrorists within the Sur Kamar locality yesterday.

During this operation, one of the terrorists, identified as Abuzar Afridi, met his end. It has been confirmed by the police that Abuzar Afridi played a pivotal role as a facilitator in orchestrating the suicide blast.

Abuzar, a resident of the Sultan Khel vicinity in Landi Kotal, was the individual whose life was brought to an end. Subsequently, his remains were transported to Jamrud Hospital for further procedures.

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Recalling the events of July 25, a tragic suicide explosion occurred at the Ali Masjid, leading to the unfortunate demise of Additional SHO Adnan Afridi.

CCPO Peshawar, Ashfaq Anwar, elucidated that the incident unfolded following a report regarding the presence of suspicious individuals within the area. Consequently, Additional SHO Adnan Afridi and his team promptly responded to the scene. However, the assailant noticed their arrival and attempted to escape.

Engaging in pursuit, law enforcement personnel pursued the assailant, who ultimately sought refuge within a mosque. Tragically, he detonated explosives within the mosque premises, leading to the tragic demise of the Additional SHO in the line of duty.

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