In a tragic incident, a bomb detonated in Tehsil Khar of Bajaur, resulting in the untimely death of one individual. Eyewitnesses reported that the explosion occurred this morning targeting Sabz Ali Khan’s car in Mamenzo, leading to the immediate demise of Sabz Ali Khan.

The blast was so powerful that it completely obliterated the vehicle, shattering its windows, as recounted by residents. The intensity of the explosion raised concerns among the community. SHO Niaz Khan stated that the police have initiated an investigation into the incident to determine its cause and perpetrators.

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This incident follows a suicide blast last month at a security checkpoint in Khyber district’s Tirah Valley, where three security personnel sustained injuries. Security sources revealed that the blast occurred at the Akakhel Dars Jumaat checkpoint, where a suicide bomber targeted the security post by ramming a motor vehicle laden with explosives. The attack resulted in injuries to Naib Subedar Mohammad Asrar, Sepoy Iftikhar, and Sepoy Shafiq.