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Home Life Style Fatal Floods Strike Charsadda: 3 Children Dead, 40 Houses Damaged

Fatal Floods Strike Charsadda: 3 Children Dead, 40 Houses Damaged

by Rifaqatullah Razarwal - 18 Apr, 2024 1546

Recent rains and floods in Charsadda have resulted in a tragic loss of life and extensive property damage. Three children lost their lives due to roof collapses caused by the heavy rainfall, while four individuals, including two women, sustained severe injuries. Moreover, over 40 houses suffered damage due to the floods, exacerbating the plight of affected families.

The floods wreaked havoc on public infrastructure as well, with numerous public school buildings and the primary health center bearing the brunt of the natural disaster.

In Dagai Mukaram Khan village, even the cemetery was not spared, as floodwaters inundated the area, necessitating the removal and reburial of dozens of bodies in safer locations under the supervision of religious scholars.

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The district administration of Charsadda reported that six village councils have been severely impacted by the recent deluge, with floodwaters inundating homes and causing significant distress to the local population.

Agricultural losses have also been substantial, with wheat and other crops destroyed in various areas. Assessment teams have been deployed to evaluate the extent of the damage and formulate response strategies.

The flood-related devastation underscores the urgent need for robust disaster preparedness measures and improved infrastructure to mitigate the impact of natural disasters on vulnerable communities.