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Female College Student Endures Public Harassment in Charsadda, Calls for Justice

Upon contacting Bahramand, the SHO of Charsadda City Police Station confirmed that a formal case had been registered.
by TNN Editor - 05 Jun, 2023 1582

Aftab Mohmand

In Charsadda, a disturbing incident of public intimidation and harassment targeted a female college student, causing outrage in the community. The incident unfolded in Utmanzai as Shawal, a second-year Arts student at Government Tajo Bibi Girls' Degree College, was returning home after completing an exam. Accompanied by her younger sister, they were confronted by a motorcyclist named Faisal, a resident of Utmanzai, Sultanabad.

According to Shawal, Faisal abruptly stopped them, forcibly removed Shawal's cloak, made inappropriate advances, and subjected them to verbal insults. Shockingly, he resorted to violence by intentionally injuring both Shawal and her sister with his motorcycle before fleeing the scene. Shaken and fearful, the sisters shared their ordeal with their concerned mother upon reaching home.

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Shawal disclosed that Faisal had been a constant presence on the road for the past few years, causing discomfort to many, including herself. However, she remained resolute, focused on her studies, and refused to be intimidated. Determined to continue attending college without fear, Shawal intends to persevere through her remaining exams and pursue a bright future through education. She finds solace in the unwavering support of her family, who stand firmly by her side.

Shamshad Ali, Shawal's father, and a retired WAPDA employee, expressed his worries about the incident hindering his daughters' education. Despite his concerns, he remains committed to ensuring they receive a proper education.

He mentioned that Faisal had previously approached Shawal with inappropriate intentions, prompting Shamshad Ali to approach Faisal's father. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, leading to Shawal and her family's decision to file a formal complaint and seek justice. They earnestly hope that the police will take prompt action against the accused, providing the necessary protection for their family.

Upon contacting Bahramand, the SHO (Station House Officer) of Charsadda City Police Station confirmed that a formal case had been registered. The police initiated a raid at the accused's residence but were unable to apprehend him as he was hiding elsewhere. However, they are actively pursuing Faisal's arrest and will bring him to justice once located.

The SHO emphasized that the police had received information regarding financial transactions related to the incident. Given Shawal's family's stance and the ongoing investigation, it is premature to make definitive statements. The authorities are determined to uncover all the facts surrounding the case and will inform the public through the media.

The SHO assured the community that girls in Charsadda remain safe while traveling to and from educational institutions. The police take their responsibility of ensuring the security of girls seriously and are committed to fulfilling it effectively.